Laksh Agarwal

Hello! I’m Laksh, currently in my final year of Computing Science at Simon Fraser University, where my passion for innovation meets my academic interests. My journey in technology spans from working to improve web-based healthcare applications to co-founding Ednius, a copilot tool for educators. Ednius is an AI-powered grading platform that quickly assesses quizzes, exams, and assignments, providing detailed, personalized feedback alongside grades. This system transforms the traditional grading process, delivering insights within minutes to enable real-time learning opportunities, thus enhancing the educational journey with its speed, accuracy, and tailored support.

My passion lies at the crossroads of technology and education, where each line of code I write has the power to revolutionize conventional educational practices. Beyond the confines of the classroom, I work with the team at OPA Lab to delve into issues of digital trust and data integrity in our increasingly online world. Every project, whether it’s enhancing healthcare software or utilizing AI to address misinformation, represents a step toward a smarter, more transparent digital landscape.

Looking forward, I am excited to explore the limits of AI and machine learning, especially in the field of education. I am keen to connect with fellow innovators and thinkers who are driven to make a significant, positive impact. I welcome the opportunity to collaborate, engage in meaningful discussions, and collectively push the boundaries of what we can achieve in technology and education.